Friday, November 27, 2009

Monday: Do I have to go to work today?

Going to office after a weekend is all but inviting to the common worker. I too share this feeling to some extent. So here is my attempt at divulging the darker side of a common worker.

Come Monday and all you wanna do is hide with a feeling that maybe the day will pass. But will it really pass? Working on a Monday is like jumping off a cliff! All depends on whether you have mentally prepared yourself to the outcome or not. Most drag themselves to work like being tied to a brick load. Most people I know call in sick (if not then they just don’t turn up, with the HR running loops bcoz of their absence).

If I were to describe my feeling towards it, I would say that every Monday is different and pretty much depends on how well the weekend was. Let's say a great weekend would result in a Monday where no matter what I did or how cool it was, it just would not suppress the reminder of the previous weekend. Say on the other hand if my weekend was short or idly spent, the Monday would come as a healthy welcome to being busy. After effects of a great weekend on a Monday would mean that the start of the day would involve ramblings about "what a great sat I had..." or "I saw an awesome movie, what about you?" or my personal favourite "You guys missed it, I had the most awesome time of my life this weekend" (No secrets divulged here...). All in vain to only realize that the drag of the long week will soon drown the happiness of my so called “Social” life.

Why should Monday be any different than any other day? Is it that one’s meandering self refuses to step in into linearity of work. When in theory it’s quite obvious that a Monday is just another day and that the earlier you digest this fact the better for you. If a week started on a Saturday, then the accursed day would be Saturday not Monday. Here are my tips to making the most out of your Monday:
  1. Wake up early (along with getting your morning routine started as well), so as to start your day before time as opposed to running in late to work.

  2. Try something new, like listening to a new song or two or more (if you like), or maybe riding down a new road, or maybe calling up a friend to wish him/her good morning. Nothing beats Monday blues like a new start to the week.

  3. Who said that people should only hangout during weekends, how about a Monday get together or a shopping spree.
And the best part is that these are but a few of the zaniest ideas you guys can come up with, so get busy at it! Shoo away the fear, and live life to the fullest!!